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Consulting & System Construct

Control Center Operation

Technical Support & Maintenance

Traffic information system refers to all information systems in the transportation sector, including collection and delivery of various traffic information, comprehensive analysis of traffic conditions, traffic management, operation management by means of transportation, and analysis of utilization status
(Note) At the Center for Urban Intelligent Transport Systems (CIRC), which is owned by MIR Infotec, we are creating new technologies through research and development on ITS technologies and contributing to the development of ITS industries.





    Various toll systems


      - Number recognition algorithm

      - Matching algorithm of charge collection

    IR/RF High Pass





    Key equipment of toll system


     - Multi-duplex charge collection equipment

      - Imaging and recognition devices (VES, ANPR)

    High-pass integrated road controller





    Maintaining ITS Operations


    Maintain ITS operations

      - Road toll collection system

      - Limited vehicle isolation system



    Deploying ITS and Tolling Systems


      - Deploying ITS

      - Deploying a tolling system

    ITS Control Center






CIRC(City ITS Research Center)?

This is research center owned by MIR Infotec for research and development of ITS technology.




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