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With the use of the Internet, e-commerce is not limited to any specific person or company.
It's already on our side as an important factor in corporate competitiveness.
To respond to these business environments, flexibility, scalability, and reliability are important.
Only innovative ideas with the latest proven information technology and value It will ensure the future of the company.

Mir Information Technology was established in 2014 Over the past six years, the company has asked more than 200 customers of public institutions and domestic companies.
Based on the experience of Infra-Building, we're looking for a multi-tier leader.
Not only for services, but also for solutions to continue to evolve.
I'll do my duty.

It's not just a simple act of developing and selling products, it's more of a customer's point of view with a mission to effectively reduce work processes, planning, and cost.
Provides total solutions for building your IT infrastructure and e-commerce I'll do my best as a successful business partner.

CEO min-jun Kang

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(주)미르정보기술 (30121) 세종특별자치시 갈매로 351, 4116호 (어진동, 에비뉴힐) 전화 044-999-3328 팩스 044-999-3329